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Attending advance screenings has never been easier.  Enter an address below to locate screenings near you for upcoming theatrical release. 



·  FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW to indicate your interest in hosting a screening.  Please go to the vendor inquiry.  We will quickly respond to provide you access to a “leadership preview page” so that your leadership team can screen the film and review the study guide. We want to help you think through any details prior to the event and celebrate your success afterward. Of course, we’ll help promote your screening on our website and through social media.


·  CHOOSE A DATE, TIME, AND LOCATION to screen it at your church, school, community center, or local theatre. Please make sure you can get a solid group of people that will be there!


·  PURCHASE A SCREENING LICENSE by calling Roger Moore at (800) 882 - 4494 or ordering online at our e-commerce store A screening license of $199 is required for most groups to legally host a public screening.


·  USE OUR EDITABLE MARKETING RESOURCES to promote the screening in your community – click here.


Download a poster of the film to promote your screening:

11 x 17 poster 

24 x 36 poster

36 x 48 poster


·  USE OTHER RESOURCES available.  Beyond the feature film, we’ve produced a movie trailer and a press kit to motivate and inspire your audience. From a benefit music album to marketing collateral, you’ll definitely want to check out what you can utilize to motivate people to be inspired by our content and take action in your own community.




If you are interested and ready to host a screening, please fill out the screen hosting submission form.


You may purchase a DVD below. Other purchase options are also listed below.  Please respect the copyright obligations of your purchase.


  • Purchase the educational version of our DVD for Schools, Colleges, Historic Community Centers, Universities and Libraries.


  • Host A Screening



501(c) (3) Programs:  If you are interested in raising funds at your event to assist in our veteran donation programs, we would like to help your efforts with our signature promotional items found at our e-commerce store.  Please fill out the vendor inquiry below.


Focus Group DiscussionIf you are interested in assisting our film production by collecting information or providing quality in-depth discussions and feedback, we would like to hear from you.  Please fill out the vendor inquiry below.


If you are interested in employment opportunities, please fill out the talent submission form.


Your Story


An opportunity for you to tell your story.  Your opinion is valued,  as a veteran, a family member, or close friend. Click here to tell your story.


Get Connected


We would very much appreciate any comments you may have after viewing the film. You may do that here.


·  QUESTIONS: Contact Roger Moore at or (800) 882 - 4494.

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