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  Executive Producer     Co-Executive Producer        Special Thanks                   Producer                 Co-Producer 

Executive Producer, Co-Executive, Producer, Co-Producer (s) will appear on IMDB, on-screen, plus receive credit in the trailer, official poster, and all paid advertisements that we control.  Special Thanks - will receive credit on-screen & IMDb.  All investors will receive their contributed portion of revenues or loss generated if any.  Investors are encouraged to provide a contact phone number for us to reach you at as this film project unfolds. We provide updates to our investors on a bimonthly basis, unless requested otherwise. Investors can be involved at any level; all proceeds and involvement will be recorded along the way to ensure accuracy.  Before making contact by phone, all first communications with investors will come from 882 - 4494 .  Please fill out the Investor's Questionnaire, or request that one be sent for your electronic endorsement.  Download Investment Prospectus (PPM) here.

Pursuant to Regulation D – related to the Securities Act of 1933 and Financial Industry Regulatory       

                  Authority (FINRA) Rule 2310. Series 7 for Direct Participation Program (DPP)

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